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Comment #1
"To say 'thank you' for marketing such a superbly designed hernia support as this seems totally inadequate. It is without doubt the finest appliance on the market today. I have spent a small fortune in the past few years on different types of supports, only to find that for one reason or another they were unsuitable. I only wish I had known about your product sooner. Your claim that it will hold the hernia in, regardless of the position of the body, is entirely justified. I have given it every test I can, from digging the garden to riding a bicycle (pursuits which I had to give up for some time) and it has proved to be utterly reliable..."

Comment #2
"I bought my first hernia support from you about twelve months ago and am delighted with it. I am a very active person and since using your support I can still follow my hobbies (climbing, water ski-ing) and I can still launch my boat single-handed over sandy beaches. Thanks again..."

Comment #3
"I have been wearing your hernia support garment for almost a year now and I must say that it really does do what you claim for it. So much so that I had a date for an operation on my hernia to be done in February and I felt confident enough to cancel it. I can't say if I will never need the operation, but for the moment the garment is doing its work magnificently. I have quite a demanding job which includes lifting quite heavy weights so this speaks for itself as to the effectiveness of your garment.

Comment #4
"Thank you for the hernia support you sent me, received last Thursday. After having worn it for two days, I am delighted with it. I am over 70 years old and have worn a support for a number of years but nothing as good as this. I work in a shop all day and do a lot of bending. Always during the day I have had to push the hernia back into place, but with this support I do not feel that I have a hernia. What is more, the great thing is, I don't feel half so tired at the end of the day. A truly great product, and please use this letter if you wish.
Yours sincerely"

Comment #5
"How nice and comfortable is your hernia support. It is also extremely helpful in travelling by air. My previous belt had an egg-shaped pad and springs and I had to buckle down to wear it. I used to take it off at the airport before passing through the electric gate. If I had it on the electric gate would sound because of the steel, causing embarrassment for me and the security, and causing me to be searched. Therefore, your garment is a great innovation and very highly appreciated."

Other comments

"Your hernia support, in my opinion, is the best on the market. I think it's terrific and would like to order two further supports."

"I find this support to be outstanding against several others I have used in the past, being snug fitting and most comfortable in use. My congratulations on a fine product."

"This is the best hernia support I have ever worn. Thanks."

"Very pleased as I do a lot of heavy work. The garment is comfortable and I get full support as the hernia never moves."

"Age 77 and wearing a hernia support for over 30 years. Your garment is very comfortable indeed. Thank you."


"In sixteen years and many various appliances, so far I have found your support garment by far the best."

"Thanks for real relief. I am a karate student and am now training harder than ever. Not to mention working harder - longer. Yours gratefully."

"I would just like to thank you so much for the most efficient service I have received from you. I was getting pretty desperate with pain and discomfort from my hernia, but I am now going about my every day business as nearly normal. Thank you doesn't really say enough as I certainly wouldn't have got through my busiest trading period without my flat pad support."

"Your support has allowed me to live a full, normal lifestyle without surgery which would have been impossible without it."

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