Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Doesn't it weaken the muscles to wear a support all the time?
No, it actually helps to strengthen them. When muscles hurt, we avoid using them, and this weakens them. When the hernia is kept inside the abdominal wall, pain is minimized and many people report they can resume normal activities, including lifting, cycling, gardening and so on. Also, keeping the ruptured edges together can occasionally help them knit together, a little like wearing a splint for a broken leg.

Q: I have a large inguinal hernia and surgery has been recommended. Should I nevertheless try using a Flat Pad Support?
The Flat Pad Support is designed for a small reducible hernia up to approximately egg size. (Reducible means that you can push it back in.) If you cannot push it completely back in, you should not wear any kind of truss or support. If in any doubt, do consult your doctor before trying this product.

Q: Is the Flat Pad Support only suitable for male groin (inguinal) hernias or can it be used for other types of hernia or by women?
The flat pads are positioned for the male groin. They will not work for any other type of hernia.

Q: I have a left / right / double hernia. How do I order?
All our supports have pads on both sides so are suitable for left, right or double inguinal hernias.

Q: How do I know what size to order?
When ordering a flat pad support, it is the HIP size, not the waist size which counts. The hip measurement is not taken around the hip bones but lower down, around the fullest part of your bottom (butt). Then simply select the appropriate size on the order page.

Q: Are your supports adjustable?
The entire body of the support is made from strong elastic, so provided the correct size is selected (by measuring around the fullest part of your bottom) no further adjustment should be necessary.

Q: I am on the borderline of two sizes. Should I order the larger one or the smaller?
This is difficult as even if you measure yourself perfectly, for some people the garment may be a little too small, and for others a little too big. First of all, make sure that when you measure yourself you don't make the tape too tight. Try ordering the larger size, since this will usually fit best. 

Q: Do you have a shop where I can try on your supports?
No, but the sizing information given on our online order form is so accurate that only a small percentage of supports are returned or exchanged as a result of fitting problems. We have a four-week unconditional guarantee. Just return your support within four weeks for a full refund or to exchange it for a larger or smaller size.

Q: Are your Flat Pad Supports available in the USA?
Our product is unique and only available from the UK. We do already have more than 3,000 American customers.

Q: When does the 4-week no-quibble guarantee period start and end?
It starts when you receive your support and ends 4 weeks from that date. If you are unhappy with your support for any reason at all, just contact us to obtain a Return Form and return it to us with the garment within that period for a refund or for replacement with a larger or smaller size.

Q: What is your telephone number?
Please note we cannot take credit cards over the phone, only online through our website. As we are an internet-only company we do not employ telephone staff and request that enquiries are made by email. This keeps down costs and prices and ensures that your enquiry goes to the right individual.

Q: I am in the UK. Do you accept payments by cheque?
We are sorry but due to lack of interest we no longer offer the option to pay by cheque. Our website offers the highest available payment security. Your card details are never seen by our staff, only by the secure payment gateways that serve us.

Q: I represent an orthotics department within the British National Health Service. How do I place an order?
Please email your requisition form to